Botox May Cause Low EQ

Botox is one of the most in-demand procedures for erasing the ugly signs of aging. Then again, the prices to pay do not seem reasonable at all. That is especially in the light of a recent study that shows Botox may actually affect not just a person’s facial expression but also his emotional quotient.

The Difficulty of Identifying Emotions

In the study conducted at Duke University and University of Southern California, it has been found that Botox users have trouble identifying emotions. The study utilized a group of Botox users against non-Botox users. The former were asked to identify the emotions by looking at the latter’s facial expressions on the computer screen. During the exercise, those who use Botox and Restylane treatment scored poorly in identifying the emotions while the other group garnered higher points.

The authors of the study, USC psychology professor David Neal and Duke University’s marketing and psychology professor Tanya Chartrand, concluded that people read the feelings of others by copying their facial expressions. Since Botox users are no longer able to use all their facial muscles to produce an expression, they find it hard to decode the emotions behind another person’s expression as well. Botox

The Difficulty of Making an Expression

A Botox user’s difficulty of identifying emotions is sourced out from the fact that he has difficulty making a facial expression. In a previous study, it has been found that Botox treatments may actually appear as a modern social hazard as it makes it impossible for users to frown, look sad, or show empathy. With the recent findings, it is no longer a question whether or not Botox can keep your friends. It may easily shoo them away because of your seemingly lack of sympathy and interest.

Botox is derived from the drug botulinum, a nerve toxin that smoothes wrinkles and other aging signs by paralyzing the facial muscles. Restylane, on the other hand, is derived from hyaluronic acid, which is used to add volume and firmness to the skin, also to correct wrinkles and folds.
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