Drink up Green Tea to be Diabetes-Free

There have been a lot of words spreading around about green tea and its many amazing benefits. A lot of studies point to green tea as a superfood with many incredible properties that may help cure or prevent serious health conditions, such as diabetes.

In a recent study done in Georgia, the researchers were able to challenge the antioxidant properties of green tea to stop the development of diabetes in mice. Although diabetes was not the main focus of the study, it was surprising and somewhat interesting for the researchers to find that EGCG compound can actually help prevent and control insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes. The initial goal of the study was to ascertain the positive effects of green tea extract on autoimmune diseases specifically Sjorgen’s syndrome.

Sjorgen’s Syndrome and Green Tea

Dr. Stephen D. Hsu of Augusta’s Medical College of Georgia set out to find whether or not green tea can treat Sjorgen’s syndrome. Sjorgen’s syndrome is an autoimmune disorder where the glands that produce saliva and tears are being attacked. Its common symptom is severe drying of mouth and eyes. It also has no cure meaning, it is a lifelong disease, much like type 1 diabetes.

green tea diabetes In the study, Dr. Hsu and his team found out that EGCG, the compound in green tea with antioxidant properties, can reduce the intensity of Sjorgen’s syndrome symptoms. It can also delay the eventuality of salivary gland damage associated with the disorder. It can also slow down the process of multiplying salivary gland cells that were under attack. The study further confirms the previous hypotheses linking EGCG to the prevention of autoimmune diseases.

Diabetes and Green Tea

The researchers found similar results when they tested the mice with type 1 diabetes. After 16 weeks, Dr. Hsu and his team found that only about 25 percent of the mice that were give green tea extract ended up with diabetes against 67 percent of the mice that were given water. These findings will definitely lead to more upcoming studies because the researchers are seriously intent on making updates that will potentially help manage diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is the most common diabetes; it is also incurable. That means, once you have it, you have it for life. You just have to learn to manage your way around it. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas stop producing insulin altogether; it is also known as childhood onset diabetes. Patients with type 1 diabetes are required to have specialized diet, regular insulin injections, and healthy exercise routine if they want to live long.

The Wonders of Green Tea

The reports telling green tea is a wonder tea that can help alleviate major health concerns has many significant evidences for support. The recent study made by Dr. Hsu only confirms that indeed, the EGCG compound found in green tea can be useful in the preventable efforts against autoimmune diseases, among other things.

Aside from Sjorgen’s syndrome and diabetes, green tea can also play a pivotal role in battling cancer. It has shown to have the power to prevent cell death. Green tea’s antioxidant properties may also decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It can also help lower stress and chronic inflammation. It can also help promote healthier teeth because green tea has fluoride, which can slow down tooth decay.

Green tea is also an effective weight loss aid. It can also help you bust the early onset of the ugly aging signs. That’s why many anti aging products available in the market today have tea extracts in them.

Indeed, green tea is a wonder tea. It can do so many things, aside from warming you up during nights when you want to be cozy.
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