Gastric Bypass Surgery Shrinks Waists and Makes Gene Corrections

Getting some gastric bypass surgery can benefit you more than simply shrinking your waist, certain studies have shown. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery can also go about altering gene-expression, according to the research don by Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden as well as the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. The entire study has been published in the Cell Reports journal.

The team – led by Professor Juleen Zierath – explains that gastric bypass surgery can significantly reduce body weight in a short period of time, which is natural since it targets the body part that's most prominent in most obese patients. It's still not clear how, but the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery does more than that.

Gastric-Bypass More to the point, aside from quick body weight reduction, gastric bypass surgery can also make "gene corrections" as well as bring sufferers of Type-2 diabetes into remission. It's not a cure for the disease though; it only helps keep it from getting worse. More interestingly, regarding the process's ability to correct genes, when done on extremely obese patients, there's an alteration on the levels of genes that control fat storage and burning. It changes some of the causes of poor metabolic health, and researchers are currently investigating why this is so. There seems to be, according to Zierath's team, a way for gastric bypass to assist in bringing these genes to a state of healthiness.
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