Stroke Victims Can Walk with the Help of Ampyra

The Acorda Therapeutics drug known as Ampyra (Generic name: Dalfampridine) is a pharmaceutical product that assists people suffering with multiple sclerosis to walk. However, it's been recently discovered that Ampyra also has a secondary ability to make stroke patients walk again as well, or at least assist them towards the road to recovery, according to the drug company.

Ampyra went through a proof-of-concept Phase II study, specifically the variant that's 10 milligrams per dose and is an extended release tablet. The results of the study were phenomenal, such that patients with post-stroke deficits were able to significantly improve their mobility and gait while walking. In particular, those suffering from ischemic stroke acquired mobility improvement and walking enhancement.

The complications of stroke include hampered manual dexterity, sensory and motor function, and walking impairments. These post-stroke deficits are also known as a group as neurological deficits. What's more, they're persistent complications in most stroke victims, so it's therefore encouraging to find out that there's yet another medication out there that can help out.

MS Drug Ampyra According to Acorda Therapeutic Inc. President and CEO, Ron Cohen M.D., dalfampiridine-R-post-strokes deficits trial was successful in producing "clear efficacy signals" and whatnot, which is why the company is going ahead with a clinical development program for this new use or "indication" for Ampyra. This wasn't a placebo effect either, as judged by a comparison between placebo results and dalfampridine-ER treatment.
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