Top Five Weight Loss Supplements According to Sales

Weight loss is a major concern worldwide. It is not surprising, therefore, that weight loss pills are highly in demand.

Use Weight Loss Supplement Along with Diet and Exercise

As there is really no shortcut to fixing obesity, supplement intake must be used in conjunction with adapting a healthier lifestyle. But of course, it does not hurt that you get some boost from weight loss supplements as you diet and exercise. It is like a support system that will give the traditional means of losing weight an extra strength to deliver the results that you wanted. weight loss supplements

Top-Selling Diet Supplements

At present, the following are the best-selling supplements according to

1. Lipofuze. This fat-burning supplement is powered by 4 clinically tested and 6 patented fat burning ingredients. It has Razberi-K, synephrine HCL, and green tea among others. Like many diet loss pills, it is recommended that you take Lipofuze with a lifestyle change by turning to a healthy diet and committing to a daily exercise routine. It costs $49.95, good for one month.

2. Nuphedragen. This weight loss supplement contains DiCaffiene Malate (a form of caffeine that has fewer side effects), Chocamine, Phenylethulamine, and Synephrine HCI. It works on the brain by stimulating a part of it that has to do with appetite regulation. It costs $59, good for one month.

3. MyoRipped. It has been established that men have different weight loss requirements than women. This pill recognizes that fact. It is intended to solve obesity in men by helping them not just to lose weight or burn fats but also to increase muscle mass. Among many other ingredients, it has caffeine and five herbal extracts. It costs $49.95, good for one month.

4. 7-DFBX or 7-Day Fat Burner Extreme. Judging from its name, this intends to jumpstart your diet plans by burning fats. It contains 35 ingredients including caffeineanyhydrous, four different fibers, potassium gluconate, and chromium polynicotinate -- all are geared towards fat burning. It costs $19.99, good for 14 days.

5. Orovo De Tox. This works primarily towards the elimination of harmful toxins that inhibit weight loss. It contains 10 superfoods including acai, wheat grass, and flaxseed and a blend of 31 natural ingredients to help decrease body fat while increasing energy levels. It costs $39.99, good for one month.

It must be understood that weight loss supplements such as the above, are regulated under a different set of rules from those that cover conventional food and drugs. Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure safety among its products before they are released to the market. FDA is responsible only for taking action against unsafe dietary supplement products after they reach the market.

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