Elbow joint


It takes two joints to create the elbow, the humeroulnar joint and the humeroradial joint. The humeroulnar joint is conjoined by the trochlea of the humerus and the trochlear notch of the ulna. The humeroradial joint is conjoined by the capitulum of the radius and the head of the radius.

Both joints share the joint capsule to become one joint. The large olecranon bursa is situated on the posterior side of the elbow. This provides lubrication.

The radial collateral ligament is primarily responsible for providing the elbow on the lateral side with structural support. Thus, the medial side receives its structural support from the ulna collateral ligament.

There is a third joint within the elbow known as the proximal radioulnar joint. This joint is not associated with the hinge joint that creates the elbow and its function. An annular ligament is responsible for providing the structure associated with the third joint.


Elbow Joint
Image: Elbow Joint

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