Lymphatic system


The lymphatic system has multiple jobs, including assisting in the fight against foreign bodies and disease in the blood stream and bodily tissues, transferring fats and nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract, and the maintenance of fluids in the body’s tissue.

The lymphatic system is both structurally similar to the body’s circulatory system and functionally similar to the body’s circulatory system.

The lymphatic system and the circulatory system often work in conjunction with each other to form a united front against disease and other bodily ailments.

Excess tissue fluids are returned to the bloodstream via the lymphatic system’s vessels, draining approximately 15% which has not been previously returned via the capillaries.


The lymphatic system is made up of lymph (fluid) and lymph nodes (filters for the fluid) and a network of vessels that permit travel both throughout the body and throughout the bloodstream in order to pick up where much of the body’s circulatory system has left behind. The lymphatic system is very much like the collector of small bits after the circulatory system has come through and taken what it can carry.

The lymphatic system also joins forces with white blood cells in the fight against disease and other foreign material within the body.
Lymphatic system
Image: Lymphatic System

In this case, lymphocyte cells act very much like white blood cells when attacking a foreign element inside the body.

It often takes a joint effort between the lymph cells and white blood cells to create a strong untied force against a disease or ailment attacking the body.


Lymph cells are also responsible for the transportation of fats and a percentage of vitamins and nutrients that are absorbed through the intestinal wall to the blood steam for deposit.

While the lymphatic system seems to be a “back up system” for the body’s other carious systems, without it the other systems within the body would not be able to function at a great enough level to be effective. The lymphatic system is the body’s general maintenance plan.

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