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Elimite, which is generically prescribed as permethrin topical, is commonly used to treat the infestation of parasites such as scabies or head lice. Elimite attacks the nervous system of the parasite, killing them to rid the patient of the infestation.

Elimite is not appropriate for everyone. A thorough medical history should be assessed prior to prescribing this medication. Patients with a medical history that includes allergic reactions to permethrin or an allergic reaction to chrysanthemums should not use Elimite.

The American Food and Drug Administration has rated Elimite as a pregnancy risk category B. That means that this medication is not expected to cause harm or birth defects in unborn babies. Elimite does pass through the mother’s breast milk but has not been determined to affect a nursing baby. The prescribing physician should discuss whether the benefits outweigh the risks prior to prescribing this medication.

There is a risk of side effects associated with Elimite, some of which are severe. Patients experiencing an allergic reaction or a serious side effect should seek immediate medical attention. Allergic reactions will present with symptoms which include facial swelling, including swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue, or throat, hives, and difficulty breathing. Other serious side effects which require immediate emergency medical attention include symptoms such as severe burning, stinging, or a fire like sensation of the scalp.

Other less serious side effects typically do not require emergency medical attention but should be reported to the prescribing physician. Patients should be encouraged to report all side effects. Less serious side effects include symptoms such as numbness, stinging, itching, redness, tingling, swelling, or a rash of the treated area. Less serious side effects can often be reduced to a tolerable level by reducing the dosage of Elimite.

Elimite should be used exactly as prescribed by the physician. If a dose is missed, the treatment should be applied as soon as it is remembered. However, if it is almost time for the next scheduled treatment, the missed dose should be skipped to prevent the potential for an overdose. If an overdose is suspected the patient should seek immediate emergency medical attention. The exact symptoms of an overdose are not yet known, however the patient may experience a burning or tingling sensation that is nearly intolerable, as well as numbness or a headache with the feeling as though their head is on fire.

Elimite should be stored out of the reach of children to avoid the potential for ingestion. If ingestion occurs, immediate emergency medical treatment is required. Ingestion is likely to lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and throat irritation.

There is a risk of negative drug interactions associated with Elimite. A thorough medical history should be understood prior to prescribing this medication. Patients should be urged to inquire with the prescribing physician before taking any new medications including over the counter medications and herbal remedies. Medications with known negative interactions to Elimite include other topical medications used for treating parasites, other topical medications used for dry scalp or dandruff, and other topical medications used to prevent hair loss. There are other topical medications that may interact with Elimite.

It is important to use Elimite appropriately in order to receive the most benefit from each treatment. While undergoing treatment patients should avoid sexual contact, physical contact, and the sharing of care products such as combs, hair accessories, clothing, hats, bed linens, and other articles of personal use. Those who have experienced sexual or intimate contact with the patient should seek treatment even if they are not experiencing symptoms of parasitic infestation.

 Molecular formula of elimite is C21H20Cl2O3
 Chemical IUPAC Name is 3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid, (3-phenoxyphenyl) methyl ester
 Molecular weight is 391.29 g/mol
 Elimite available : 5% cream 60gm tube

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