Agalsidase beta
Agalsidase beta

Agalsidase beta review

Agalsidase Beta is drug used in replacing insufficiencies of enzyme in individuals who have Fabry disease. Recombining DNA technology from the Chinese Hamster Ovary produces Agalsidase Beta. This drug is also used for other purposes but must be consulted to a doctor.

Agalsidase Beta is a drug distributed under the brand name Fabrzyme that is used for patients who have Fabry disease.

Initial dosages of 1mg can be administered every two weeks while 3mg is the maximum dosage. For severe cases of Fabry, the doctors might change the dosage accordingly. Never attempt to disrupt the medication or double dose because it might inflict serious health condition. Never take the drug without the prescription of a doctor.

In case of overdose, it is very important to seek for medical attention immediately so as to prevent any risks that may occur.

Agalsidase Beta has side effects that might occur to some patients. Some of the known side effects include fever, chest pains, irregular heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, flushing, nasal congestion, muscle pain, itching, vomiting, dizziness, headache, rashes and may also cause increase or decrease of blood pressure.

Other serious side effects may occur such as cardiac arrest, stroke, nephritic syndrome, bradycardia and vertigo. The moment any side effect occurs, seek for immediate medical attention.

Prior to using Agalsidase Beta, you must consult a doctor and inform if you have any allergies with the drug. It is also important to inform your doctor if you have any other medical problems that might hamper the medication or may contradict to the treatment. This will also allow your doctor to come up with the proper dosage according to your specific health condition.

Though there is no known side effect for pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is still best to talk with your doctor and discuss the safety of the baby before using Agalsidase Beta.

Agalsidase Beta is administered through injection so medical professionals usually give it. However, sometimes it is necessary to administer the drug on your own and your doctor will provide specific instructions on proper procedure. Sterilize all the things needed to avoid any infections. When you are going to administer the drug at home, you must store the drug according to specifications in the packaging or as suggested by the doctor.

Your doctor so as to monitor the progress of your condition conducts regular blood tests and medical evaluation. So it is important to visit your doctor as scheduled.

Agalsidase Beta is intended only for specific medical condition and should never be shared with anyone without consulting a medical professional. In the event that you missed a dose, you must contact your doctor and ask if there is a change of dosage.

Some drugs are known to interact with Agalsidase Beta such as Monobenzone, Gentamicin, Amiodarone, Hydroxychloroquine and Gentamicin. Also inform your doctor if you are smoking, alcoholic or have been using illegal drugs. These substances may have a reaction with the drug that will affect your health.

• Molecular formula of agalsidase beta is C2029H3080N544O587S27
• Chemical IUPAC Name is Human alpha-galactosidase A.
• Molecular weight is 45351.6 g/mol
Agalsidase beta available : 35mg tablets

Brand name(s): Agalsidase alfa, Melibiase

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