Alsiodol review

Alsiodol is basically Vitamin D. It is used in both adults and children to treat Vitamin D deficiency that leads to serious bone defects like osteomalacia and rickets.

Vitamin D deficiency is sometimes caused by a person's lifestyle. The D vitamin is available in most food that you intake yet you often overlook its significance to a healthier you. Other times, lack of Vitamin D in one's body is brought about by numerous medical conditions such as alcoholism, intestine disorders, liver illnesses, kidney ailments, and pancreatic illnesses among others.

An increased need for Vitamin D, which obviously cannot be supplied by Vitamin D rich food, is usually cured by an Alsiodol prescription. Whether your need is high enough to be supplied by the medicament or not should be determined by a licensed doctor. Alsiodol is a prescription medicament that cannot be taken without the doctor's advice.

The use of Alsiodol showed favorable results in treating hypocalcemia or the condition where there is not enough calcium in the blood. It can also be helpful in relieving bone disorders that come with kidney disease. Unproven effects of Alsiodol in treating psoriasis, arthritis, and myopia have also been found.

Alsiodol is administered orally by mouth in capsule and liquid formulas. Controlled dose is determined depending on your level of affliction. To empower the healing effects of Alsiodol, you must complement it with a balanced diet. Take advice from your doctor regarding the best diet program that you could use with the medicament. You may also take a dietary supplement to ensure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients your body needs. Use of dietary supplement must be closely monitored by your doctor as well.

Before using Alsiodol, make sure that you have discussed your medical history with your doctor. Allergic reactions and adverse medicament interactions should be looked upon. Unlike other medicines; however, Alsiodol is highly advisable for pregnant and nursing moms. The allowed maximum amount of Vitamin D is essential for expecting and lactating women to bear healthy children.

Although Alsiodol is mostly used as a dietary supplement, you should never overdose on it. Taking the required dose as prescribed by your physician must be observed at all times. Vitamin D is stored in the body. Therefore, taking more than what your body needs may cause a buildup and lead to poisoning. If you are using Alsiodol as treatment for a medical condition, you must constantly check your progress with the medicament through your doctor. Do not take this medicine alongside other medicaments sold over-the-counter, which contain Vitamin D, calcium, or phosphorus unless the orders come from your doctor.

Alsiodol comes with side effects only when it is not used properly. Unwanted effects are usually brought about by taking large or excessive amounts of the medicament. Your warning signs for overdose include high blood pressure, pyrexia, severe stomach ache, and irregular heartbeat among others. If you experience any of those symptoms, you must rush to the nearest medical facility for immediate medical attention.

Alsiodol has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of alsiodol

• Molecular formula of alsiodol is C27H44O2
• Chemical IUPAC Name is (1R,3S,5Z)-5-[(2E)-2-[(1R,3aS,7aR)-7a-methyl-1-[(2R)-6-methylheptan-2-yl]-2,3,3a,5,6,7-hexahydro-1H-inden-4-ylidene]ethylidene]-4-methylidenecyclohexane-1,3-diol
• Molecular weight is 400.6371 g/mol
Alsiodol available : 0.25mcg tablets, 1mcg tablets

Generic name: Alfacalcidol

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