Aotal review

Aotal is a medication that helps once-alcoholic individuals to completely quit their habit. It works by affecting certain chemicals present in the brain that can become unbalanced in an alcoholic individual. Aotal restores the chemical imbalance in the brain to make an alcoholic individual completely quit drinking. It is effective when used together with counseling and behavior modification for alcoholics.

Aotal is recommended to be taken by a patient thrice a day. Dosage is usually 666 mg. It can be taken on an empty stomach. It helps if users will take Aotal after taking a meal so that they will not forget taking this medication. Aotal should be taken with water.

Aotal should be used during the prescribed amount of time, even if the user relapse and subsequently drink alcoholic beverages. Users must tell their physicians of the number of alcoholic beverages they consume while they are taking Aotal. For maximum effectiveness, Aotal must be used regularly. It should be stored at room temperature and kept away from heat and direct sunlight.

In case of a missed dose, take Aotal as soon as you remember. However, if it is about time for the next dose, simply wait to take the next dose and just skip the missed one. Patients must not take 2 doses at the same time to make up for a missed dose of Aotal.

Individuals who are allergic to acamprosate, or those who have severe case of kidney ailment should not use Aotal. Those who have kidney problems may take a special test or adjust their dosage in order to safely use Aotal.

Aotal may cause changes in the mood of the user. There are cases in which users of Aotal had thought of committing suicide. It is important that users immediately inform their physicians of having suicidal thoughts or being depressed while taking Aotal.

Family members of users or caregivers must be alert regarding possible changes in the mood or behavior of Aotal users. Aotal can have effects on the user’s thinking or mental alertness. Users of Aotal are advised to take precaution in driving or operating machineries.

There is no clear indication if Aotal is harmful to unborn babies. However women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant should tell their doctors about their condition and plans before agreeing to take Aotal. Breastfeeding mothers should also inform their doctors of their state before using Aotal.

Patients should immediately inform their doctors if they experience any of these side effects while taking Aotal- changes in mood or behavior; suicidal tendencies; severe depression and anxiety; feeling of passing out; fast heartbeat; shortness of breath; unexplained gain in weight; increased thirst; and infrequent urination.

Other less serious symptoms or side effects may include the following: blurred vision; diarrhea; nausea; lack of appetite; stomach pain; back pain; insomnia; weakness; muscle pain; sweating; decreased sexual drive; tingly feeling; and mild skin rashes. Consult with a doctor in case any of these conditions persist or worsen.

Aotal has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of aotal

• Molecular formula of aotal is C5H11NO4S
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 3-acetylaminopropane-1-sulfonic acid
• Molecular weight is 181.211 g/mol

Generic name: Acamprosate

Brand name(s): Acamprosato, Acamprosatum, Campral

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