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Baycol is a prescribed medication used to lower the amount of cholesterol in an individual. It is also known to prevent the risk of cardiovascular illness. However, on August 8, 2001 Bayer Pharmaceutical Division recalled Baycol from the United States because of several reports of severe side effects associated with the medication.

Baycol is a medication that belongs to the class of satins used primarily for patients who are suffering from high cholesterol. Baycol was distributed by Bayer A.G. under the brand name Lipobay.

Baycol also prevents the risk of stroke and heart attack. It functions by blocking the enzymes in the liver that are responsible in the production of cholesterol inside the body.

Usually, patients with elevated blood cholesterol undergo initial treatment by means of exercise, proper diet and weight loss programs. If any of these treatments fail to lower the cholesterol level, medications such as Baycol are used.

Treatment guides are available for Baycol and are published by the National Cholesterol Education Program.

Baycol is in tablet form and is to be taken orally. It should be taken daily with or without food. The ideal time for the medication is before bedtime.

The effectiveness of Baycol in decreasing cholesterol depends on the dosage. It means that the higher the dose, the more cholesterol is decreased. Tests should be conducted regularly to help the doctor determine if an adjustment of dosage is necessary.

There are several side effects associated with Baycol. Some of the known side effects include diarrhea, nasal congestion, constipation, cephalalgia and heartburn. There are also rare cases of muscle damage, sexual problems, pyrexia, difficulty in breathing and change of mood. These rare side effects may require you to stop medication. If any of these side effects occur, you must visit your doctor immediately.

Before using the medication, you must first consult your doctor. Inform your doctor of any other medical problems you have like heart illness, kidney problems, alcoholic, blood disorders and gland disorders. It is also important to tell your doctor about any medicine you are taking.

If you are taking this medication, you must avoid driving or operating any machine because this medication affects your alertness and reflexes.

Baycol must not be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers without consulting a doctor first. Women planning to become pregnant must also seek the advice of a doctor and discuss the risks involved.

Muscle damage may occur when Baycol is used with other medications like cyclosporine, erythromycin, nicotinic acid, gemfibrozil and itraconazole.

It is good to exercise daily while undergoing treatment so that it supplements the medication and speeds up the treatment. However you must consult your doctor for the proper exercise program that is safe for your condition and your age. You must also maintain a low fat diet and eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Ask for a recommended diet from your doctor.

You must also avoid alcohol and smoking which can hamper the effectiveness of the medicine.

Baycol has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of baycol

• Molecular formula of baycol is C26H34FNO5
• Chemical IUPAC Name is (E,3R,5S)-7-[4-(4-fluorophenyl)-5-(methoxymethyl)-2,6-dipropan-2-yl- pyridin-3-yl]-3,5-dihydroxy-hept-6-enoic acid
• Molecular weight is 459.55 g/mol
Baycol available : 0,2mg tablets, 0,3mg tablets, 0,4mg tablets and 0,8mg tablets

Generic name: Cerivastatin

Brand name(s): Lipobay, Rivastatin

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