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After the menopausal period of women, bone loss accelerates very quickly which leads to osteoporosis. Calcitonin is a drug that can treat this type of bone disease. Calcitonin is a hormone that is created by the thyroid gland that is responsible in decreasing the calcium and phosphate in the blood and helps in the building of bones. It does not only help in the formation of bones but also strengthens the bones.

Calcitonin is a drug distributed under the brand names Fortical and Miacalcin. Calcitonin is a prescribed drug used for the treatment of patients with bone diseases such as osteoporosis and Paget’s disease. This drug can also be used in treating severe elevated blood calcium levels.

There are two methods of administering Calcitonin, through injection and nasal spray. The standard dosage for patients with post menopausal osteoporosis and Paget’s disease must be at least 100 units a day injected into the muscle or equivalent to 200 units or 1 spray for the nasal spray.

Nasal spray should be administered in one nostril everyday on an alternating basis. Patients must never prolong the use of nasal spray than what is prescribed by the doctor.

Patients must have enough vitamin D and calcium to help optimize the result of the drug.

If you have missed a dose, never take a double dose because this will cause overdose and is very fatal. In case of overdose, you must seek for immediate medical attention.

Basically, side effects associated by using Calcitonin as medication are rare and mild. The side effects do not post severe risks and are not life threatening. Some patients may experience nausea and sometimes vomiting. Though nausea is only temporary and will eventually disappear as patient continues with the medication. Injected calcitonin can cause skin irritation on the area of injection. On some patients, skin rashes and flushing occurs.

For the nasal spray variant of Calcitonin, the most common side effects include nose bleeding, headaches, runny nose and bone pain. It may also cause stomach upset but this is a rare case.

Some patients may have allergic reactions which may cause chest pains, trouble in breathing, tingling of hands, difficulties in urinating and skin rashes. If any of the symptoms or side effects occur, it is important to seek for medical attention the soonest time possible.

Before using the drug, it is essential to discuss with the doctor most especially if you have any other medical ailments that might conflict with the use of the medicine. It would also be necessary to tell your doctor if you are pregnant, breast feeding our planning to get pregnant before medication.

Also inform your doctor if you are taking any other prescribed drug or over the counter medicine before taking Calcitonin. Never discontinue using the drug without consultation with your doctor.

As a prescribed drug it should not be shared to anyone else with consulting a doctor. Proper storage of the drug should be maintained.

Calcitonin has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of calcitonin

• Molecular formula of calcitonin is C145H241N43O49S2
• Molecular weight is 3434.8 g/mol

Brand name(s): Miacalcin

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