Cetuximab review

Cetuximab is a drug prescribed to treat metastatic colon, head, and neck cancers. It is a type of antibody that acts against the epidermal growth factor (EGFR). It is proven to prevent the activity of a receptor, which can lead to the inhibition of signal transduction and anti-proliferative effects. These kinds of activities are the primary cause of tumor growth and they are the primary targets of Cetuximab.

Cetuximab is a drug that’s used to treat cancers of the large bowel, head, and neck. It is manufactured and distributed under the brand name Erbitux. It is a colorless liquid that can be injected directly to the vein or though a fine tube inserted to the body.

The first dose of Cetuximab should be given slowly and is usually distributed over one to two hours. After the first medication, the next dosage can be given weekly and takes about an hour. The first dosage of the drug is larger compared to the weekly intake. To lessen the side effects brought by the drug, you can also give other medicines during the treatment.

The effects of each cancer dug are different for every person. Some may experience mild to moderate side effects while others may not experience anything at all. To make sure that you are safe, consult your doctor to understand the side effects of a drug you wish to take.

The side effects of the drug include allergic reaction and skin color changes. The latter may appear as reddish patches all over your body. You may also have dry and itchy skin. Some people experience breathlessness. This might lead to lung problems so you should consult your doctor about it. More common side effects of the drug include nausea or the feeling of being sick, and diarrhea. Sometimes, you will experience fever, chills, and sore eyes. Make sure that your doctor knows about these to avoid further complication.

Cetuximab is a very strong drug for treating cancer. Therefore, extreme care is recommended before taking it. Make sure that the patient has the consent of his doctor before performing any medication. Also, let a professional nurse do the job of injecting the drug, as it may be toxic when injected in the wrong manner and dosage.

Some reactions include hypertension and loss of consciousness. Should any of these occur, ask your doctor right away and intervene the use of medication immediately. Also, cardio-pulmonary arrest is the common cause of death while undergoing Cetuximab treatment. If you know that you are prone to this, make sure that proper equipments and backups are ready to at least lessen the dangers and possible problems that might occur.

Clinical studies are still being conducted to know the possible side effects of Cetuximab to kids and other ages. This will greatly help in distinguishing the right amount to be injected for every person.

• Molecular formula of cetuximab is C6484H10042N1732O2023S36
• Chemical IUPAC Name is Humanized anti-EGF receptor (EGFr) antibody
• Molecular weight is 145781.6 g/mol

Brand name(s): Erbitux

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