Cladribine review

Cladribine is a drug used in treating multiple sclerosis and hairy cell leukemia. It is considered as a synthetic anti-cancer drug that is capable of suppressing the immune system.

Cladribine is administered to people with hairy cell leukemia and other types of leukemia.

The dosage for Cladribine is determined by the doctor depending on the medical condition of the patient. It is administered through infusion. For the treatment of hairy cell leukemia, it is usually administered as a continuous infusion for one week. The patient may need to be admitted at the hospital to complete the infusion.

For people who do not want to stay in the hospital for treatment, a small portable pump is provided that is attached to a PICC line so they can administer the drug at home. Other pumps can be attached to the belt. Your doctor will provide you with proper instructions on how to use these portable pumps.

Cladribine may lower the resistance of the body to combat infections. This is because Cladribine affects the normal production of white blood cells. This side effect may occur a week after treatment. But after several weeks, the white blood cells will gradually increase and will return to normal. A regular blood test will be conducted before another chemotherapy session is conducted.

Swelling or itchiness will sometimes occur at the infusion area.

This drug also causes your body to easily bleed and get bruised. This is because the drug affects the normal production of platelets which is responsible in helping the blood to clot.

This drug also causes nausea, skin rashes, fatigue and fever. If symptoms of side effects occur, you must immediately inform your doctor.

Cladribine is a prescribed drug and should only be administered by a doctor. Before undergoing medication, discuss with your doctor all the drugs you are using including vitamins and herbal medications. This is to ensure that you are not using any drug that may interact or interfere with the treatment.

You must avoid taking any vaccination or immunization without consulting your doctor. Also avoid going to crowded places because you might get infections easily because of weak immune system.

While under medication, you must not engage in an extreme activity that may cause injury or accident. Minimize the intake of alcohol and smoking while undergoing chemotherapy.

The fertility of the patients using Cladribine may be affected. This is a very important matter which you and your doctor must discuss and decide. You must also avoid being pregnant before undergoing chemotherapy treatment. This is to avoid risks to the baby. Use the most effective birth control to avoid getting pregnant. Nursing mothers should also consult the doctor before medication.

If you are using this drug at home, make sure not to share the medicine to others. You must also store the substance in a safe place out of children’s reach.

In order to supplement the treatment, you must also maintain a healthy diet and take enough rest.

Cladribine has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of cladribine

• Molecular formula of cladribine is C10H12ClN5O3
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 5-(6-amino-2-chloro-purin-9-yl)-2-(hydroxymethyl)oxolan-3-ol
• Molecular weight is 285.687 g/mol
Cladribine available : 10mg injection

Brand name(s): Leustatin

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