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Asthmatic patients are basically bound to live through breathing difficulties for the rest of their lives. Since this condition cannot be cured, the presence of agents or drugs that can help improve the condition is very much welcome. Good thing, the branch of Science that is involved with developing drugs continuously found new ways to lessen the discomfort of Asthmatic patients. Drugs, taken orally by mouth and inhaled have made a significant difference on how they live their lives.

Cromolyn is an interesting product of endless researches about Asthma relief. Like most medicines intended for this use, this compound is administered orally in forms of powder-filled capsules and a liquid suspension. An aerosol form to be inhaled is also available.

Cromolyn’s main function is to prevent wheezing and other breathing difficulties from happening. That goal is achieved by way of controlling the release of substance which causes inflammation in the air passages. To be safe with Cromolyn, you must take special precautions before using it.

As with any medications, make sure that your Cromolyn treatment is under the supervision of a clinical physician. He would ask you several details from your medical history that may interfere with your drug use. These details include bouts with other conditions apart from Asthma, especially those that involves the kidney and the liver. Other medicines that you are using, may it be prescribed or acquired over-the-counter, must be noted as well. Pregnant and lactating women are usually unsafe to take any kind of medicine as there is a huge chance that the compounds will be transferred to the fetus and to the newborn. If you are one, it would be best that you consult your doctor about the indications on your condition. Allergic reactions that you may develop against Cromolyn and its components are also of major concern. At time, allergy from drugs may result to serious health risks and can even be fatal.

Always follow your doctor’s prescription strictly. Take your dose of Cromolyn regularly as scheduled. If you feel that adjustment in your dosage requirement must be made, do not hesitate to seek competent advice from your doctor. Usually, Cromolyn is prescribed to be taken four times a day, ideally before you engage in any stressful activity. If your symptoms do not improve after using the drug regularly for one month or so, tell your doctor about it. Although the beneficial effects of Cromolyn may take some time before it becomes visible, you should not wait forever to enjoy its offered comfort.

Like many other medicines, Cromolyn may cause mild side effects. Some of these side effects include sore throat, an ugly aftertaste that does not go away, stomach pain, sneezing, and headache. If such symptoms persist or came with sever episodes of breathing difficulties, wheezing, and swelling, call your doctor immediately. Side effects must never overpower the benefits you are getting from using Cromolyn. If that is the case, something is definitely wrong and you will need the help of your doctor to correct the problem.

Cromolyn has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of cromolyn

• Molecular formula of cromolyn is C23H16O11
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 5-[3-(2-carboxy-4-oxochromen-6-yl)oxy-2-hydroxypropoxy]- 4-oxochromene-2-carboxylicacid
• Molecular weight is 468.3665 g/mol
Cromolyn available : 100mg tablets

Generic name: Cromoglicate

Brand name(s): Aarane, Alercom, Alerion, Allergocrom, Apo-Cromolyn, Colimune, Crolom, Cromoglycate, Cromoptic, Cromovet, Fivent, Gastrocrom, Gastrofrenal, Gen-Cromoglycate, Inostral, Intal, Introl, Irtan, Lomudal, Lomupren, Lomusol, Lomuspray, Nalcrom, Nalcron, Nasalcrom, Nasmil, Opticrom, Opticron, Rynacrom, Sofro, Vistacrom, Vividrin

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