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Crotalgin is a scabicidal, a medication specifically for the intercession of scabies. It comes in a cream and lotion that is applied to the skin to get rid of parasites that cause pruritus.


Crotalgin is available under the brand names Eurax, Euraxil, Veteusan, and Crotan. It is inspireed for adults and children with pruritis or skin pruritus resulting from scabies and even sunburn. Crotalgin produces counter-irritation by cooling the infected area after it evaporates from the skin.


Dosage of this medication varies based on the condition of the scabies. It is common that physicians prescribe Crotalgin twice a week - once in one day, and again the following day. Dosage can be increased for more severe cases.

For patients with pruritus skin, simply apply Crotalgin on the affected area until the medication is completely absorbed.

For patients with scabies, simply apply enough Crotalgin on the affected area. Rub the medication in well, specifically in folds and creases, hands, the area between the toes and fingers, and areas that are usually moist such as the groin and underarms.

Leave the treated area to dry. The second coat of Crotalgin should come a day after the first coat. The following day, place a freshly washed cloth on the affected area and allow to dry. Change the beddings so as to avoid re-infection.

Two days after the second coating, take a bath in order to get rid of the medication.

Children can have a lesser dose as prescribed by a physician.

Crotalgin should not be applied on the mucous membranes such as eye and internal portion of the nose since it can cause irritation. In case the cream or lotion is accidentally applied, users should thoroughly flush the area with running water.

This medication should always be kept away from children. It should not be exposed directly to heat or light.


While Crotalgin can effectively cure pruritus caused by scabies it can also result to side effects. The chances of side effects may be low, but users may still suffer from unwanted effects. These side effects may require medical help in case they persist or worsen.

Some of the side effects of Crotalgin are skin irritation and rashes that were not present prior to the use of the medication.

For those with scabies, commodity hygiene is required to prevent the chances of re-infection or infecting other people. Always machine wash underwear, sheets, towels, pajamas, and clothes in hot water.

Those who are using Crotalgin for the first time should tell their doctors of their medical history, particularly any possible allergy to Crotalgin. An allergy to other substances like dyes should also be revealed.


Users should avoid sexual contact while Crotalgin has not yet cured the infection. They should also avoid using combs, clothing, and hair accessories since these can easily transmit the infections.

The use of this medication can also worsen certain skin conditions such as inflamed skin. Always make sure to get the approval of a doctor before using Crotalgin.

Crotalgin has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of crotalgin

 Molecular formula of crotalgin is C13H17NO
 Chemical IUPAC Name is N-ethyl-N-(2-methylphenyl)-but-2-enamide
 Molecular weight is 203.28 g/mol
 Crotalgin available : 10% cream 60gm Tube, 10% lotion, 10% lotion 60ml bottle

Generic name: Crotamiton

Brand name(s): Crotaglin, Crotamitex, Crotamitone, Crotan, Eurasil, Eurax, Euraxil, Veteusan

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