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Cystone review

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Cystone, an herbal formula which is composed of ginger, shilapuspha, pasanabheda, Indian madder, umbrella's edge, prickly chaff flower, sedge, purple fleabeane, lime silicate calx and mineral pitch, aids in keeping the urinary tract healthy. It also maintains the composition of the urine and the integrity of the mucus in the body. By acting as a diuretic in order to help relieve temporary water, it is also responsible for health water management in the body.

Shilapuspha, one of the ingredients of this Cystone, has been shown to be effective in keeping the urinary tract healthy. Pasanavheda is used as a diuretic that would maintain the crystal-colloid balance that maintains the amount of calcium salts in a person's blood, promoting optimum urinary function. The rough chaff tree is another wonder ingredient because it is known for its effectiveness as a diuretic and cardiac tonic. The Indian Madder purifies the blood and regulates the immunity system. It may also have some antioxidant properties. The Umbrella's Eagle has also been proven to promote a healthy gentio-urinary system. Lastly, the sedge has been known for its ability to increase the body's immune resistance and regulate the excretion of urine.

Being the combination of these fantastic ingredients, Cystone is taken in in order to prevent and treat urinary stones. For people who have already undergone surgery in order to remove urinary stones, this formula can be used to stop it from recurring. Another benefit of drinking this formula is its ability to treat burning urination and stop the recurrence of urine tract infection.

Cystone has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help stop the recurrence of urinary tract infection. Also, because it can normalize the acidic urine, it can relieve burning urination. Because it can also lessen the concentration of the substances that can cause the formation of stones in the urinary tract and aid in expelling them from the body, this wonder drug can also stop the recurrence of urinary tract stones. For people who need to undergo treatment because of urinary tract stones, Cystone can help them by acting on mucin, the gummy substance which binds the small particles together, breaking the stones inside the urinary tract.

By taking one to two capsules twice a day for several weeks, this natural product can produce progressive and long-lasting results.

Patients who have kidney, liver and heart impairment should take extra precautions when taking this drug. Because it is natural, Cystone does not produce any side effects as long as the right amount is taken. Neither d oes it have any significant drug interactions. No contraindications for the use of Cystone have been reported.

Cystone's effectiveness as a means of maintaining urinary health was proven in a study that involved a controlled trial of one hundred cases. According to the results that were published in the Current Medical Practice in May 1982, Cystone performed very well in 76% of the cases. Even after prolonging the use for six months, no side effects were found.

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