Ecotrin review

Ecotrin is a drug with the generic name of aspirin. Aspirins are drugs classified under the group name salicylates. Ecotrin is known to effectively reduce the effects of substances inside our body which causes fever, pain and inflammation. Ecotrin is also administered to treat other medical problems such as chest pains, heart attacks and strokes. It is however advised that patient should be monitored by a doctor if Ecotrin will be used for cardiovascular conditions.

Ecotrin can be taken orally with a glass of water. It is recommended to consume some food before taking the medicine to avoid stomach upset. Some variants of Ecotrin come with a special enteric coat which is intended to reduce the effect of the medicine to the stomach. As much as possible, avoid chewing or breaking the medicine as you swallow because it will break the special coat and would cause stomach pain due to the sudden release of its substances. Ecotin has the chewable variants which you can safely chew or break as you swallow it.

When taking this medicine, it is highly recommended to follow the directions supplied with the package or use it according to the prescription of your doctor.

Ecotin as an aspirin should never be administered to young children especially if they have fever, chicken pox or flu because it can lead to serious medical condition commonly called as Reye’s syndrome. Reye’s syndrome is a serious medical condition which can lead the patient into a disoriented state or worst in coma.

It would also help to avoid drinking alcohol while on medication with Ecotrin because this will lead to severe stomach pain or even stomach bleeding. People who need to undergo surgery should inform the doctor at once so as to know if it is safe to take the medicine or not.

People who have medical history of intestinal or stomach bleeding, ulcers, kidney and liver problems, asthma, heart disorder or allergy with aspirins should not use Ecotrin without the advice of a doctor.

In the case of Ecotrin intake in preventing the risks of stroke or heart attack, it is recommended to stop using medicines with ibuprofen content because this will decrease the effectiveness of the medicine in protecting the blood vessels and the heart. However, if you need to take both medicines it would be best to seek professional medical advice.

For pregnant women or those who are nursing their babies should first consult the doctor before undergoing medication with Ecotrin.

Side effects can be experienced when using Ecotrin. Some of the most common side effects include vomiting, upset stomach, heartburn and nausea. It may also cause stomach ulcers or if blood is spotted in your stool.

Some rare cases of side effects associated with the intake of Ecotrin include noticeable rashes on the face, insomnia, unusual fatigue, hard to breath and itchiness. In the event that you notice any of the side effects while under medication with Ecotrin, immediately stop medication and consult your doctor. Your doctor would advice you if you need to adjust your dosage or discontinue with the medication.

Ecotrin has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of ecotrin

• Molecular formula of ecotrin is C9H8O4
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 2-acetyloxybenzoic acid
• Molecular weight is 180.1574 g/mol
Ecotrin available : 325mg tablets

Generic name: Aspirin

Brand name(s): Acenterine, Acesal, Acetal, Aceticyl, Acetilsalicilico, Acetisal, Acetol, Acetonyl, Acetophen, Acetosal, Acetosalic acid, Acetosalin, Acetylin, Acetylsal, Acetylsalicylate, Acetylsalicylic acid, Acimetten, Acisal, Acylpyrin, Adiro, Asagran, Asatard, Ascoden-30, Aspalon, Aspec, Aspergum, Aspirdrops, Aspirine, Aspro, Asteric, Bayer, Benaspir, Bi-prin, Bialpirina, Bialpirinia, Bufferin, Caprin, Cemirit, Claradin, Clariprin, Colfarit, Coricidin, Crystar, Decaten, Delgesic, Duramax, Easprin, Ecolen, Empirin, Endydol, Entericin, Enterophen, Enterosarein, Enterosarine, Entrophen, Extren, Globentyl, Globoid, Helicon, Idragin, Levius, Measurin, Micristin, Neuronika, Novid, Nu-seals, Persistin, Pharmacin, Pirseal, Polopiryna, Praecineural, Premaspin, Rheumintabletten, Rhodine, Rhonal, Salacetin, Salcetogen, Saletin, Solfrin, Solprin, Solpyron, Spira-Dine, Supac, Tasprin, Temperal, Triaminicin, Triple-sal, Vanquish, Xaxa, Yasta

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