Fluorouracil review

Fluorouracil is considered as a chemotherapy drug used to treat different types of cancer. Fluorouracil comes in the form of colorless fluid or cream.

Fluorouracil is prescribed to individuals who have certain types of cancer such as breast cancer, stomach cancer, gullet cancer, skin cancer, and other types of cancers. This drug is commonly called as 5FU.

The dosage for Fluorouracil depends on the prescription of a doctor. The dose and the length of treatment is usually based on the type and degree of the cancer being treated. This chemotherapy drug can be administered through injection or rubbed to the skin with the cream variant.

Most chemotherapy drugs are being administered in a hospital or clinic. If your doctor allows you to use the drug at home, you must ensure to follow exactly the directions and prescription of your doctor.

People react differently to chemotherapy treatment. Some people may experience more side effects while others may experience less. While under treatment with Fluorouracil, some side effects may occur such as nausea, hair loss, rashes, and the skin becomes sensitive to sunlight.

Others may also experience side effects such as changes in taste, diarrhea, ulcers, sore mouth, and blurred vision, anemic, and bleeding or bruising.

The body’s immune system also becomes weak and causes the body to become prone to several infections.

Most patients with cancer are prone to developing blood clots. Chemotherapy treatment even increases the risk. Signs of blood clot include chest pains, difficulty in breathing, and swelling of the legs and other parts of the body. If you notice or feel any signs of blood clot, inform your doctor immediately. Your doctor may need to prescribe blood thinner drugs.

Some drugs may interact when used with Fluorouracil that may cause other serious medical condition. In order to avoid such incident, you must inform your doctor all other drugs you are using including vitamins, herbal medicines and other supplements.

While under medication, you must avoid driving or doing extreme activities that require mental and physical alertness. You must also avoid too much exposure to the sun. Use protective clothing to protect you from the sun if going outdoors.

Chemotherapy treatment affects the ability of a person to become pregnant or father a child. In this case, it is essential to discuss this matter to your doctor before undergoing treatment. The benefits should be weight against the risks involved.

While undergoing treatment, it is not advisable to get pregnant or father a child. You must use the best contraceptive while using the drug. You can consult your doctor on what is the best birth control to use. You must also seek medical advice if you are a nursing mother before undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

It is also beneficial if you maintain a healthy diet while under medication. Take enough rest and avoid too much smoking and drinking alcohol.

This drug is prescribed only based on certain health condition and should never be used by anyone without proper consultation with a doctor.

Fluorouracil has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of fluorouracil

• Molecular formula of fluorouracil is C4H3FN2O2
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 5-fluoro-1H-pyrimidine-2,4-dione
• Molecular weight is 130.077 g/mol
Fluorouracil available : 0.05% cream

Brand name(s): Adrucil, Arumel, Carac, Carzonal, Effluderm, Efudex, Efudix, Efurix, Fluoroblastin, Fluoroplex, Fluracil, Fluracilum, Fluri, Fluril, Ftoruracil, Kecimeton, Phthoruracil, Phtoruracil, Queroplex, Timazin, Ulup

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