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Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Through the years, researches and clinical studies have continuously poured to offer competent solutions to this health concern. Unfortunately, Cancer remains to be a strong opponent.

Flutamide is one of the many drugs in existence that seeks to stop Cancer – specifically Prostate Cancer -- from taking men’s lives. It is an antiandrogen drug that helps stop the growth of Cancer cells in the prostate gland. This hormonal therapy is also sometimes used to lower the excessive androgen levels in women. Flutamide is sold worldwide through Schering-Plough Corporation under the trade name Eulexin.

Flutamide is a complex drug. If it is not handled properly, it can cause liver damage that could be fatal. It is important, therefore, that Flutamide administration is under careful supervision of your doctor.

Before taking Flutamide, discuss your medical history with your doctor. Talk about other factors as well that may be significant in using this hormonal therapy. Those factors include drug allergies and current use of other drugs may it be prescribed or bought over-the-counter. In cases where Flutamide treatment is used in women, pregnancy and lactation are top concerns. The drug can cause serious fetal damage. It also excretes in the breast milk which may affect the newborn baby.

Flutamide is an oral drug that comes in capsule form. You can swallow it whole with a glass of water or mix it with a soft food such as applesauce but diluting the contents of the capsule in liquid is not advisable. Your daily dosage requirement and schedule would depend on a lot of factors and it is only your doctor who will be able to determine this. Note that it is important to keep your dosing schedule spaced evenly round the clock. If you are given Flutamide to be taken three times a day, you must take it strictly every eight hours.

Once you have started a Flutamide treatment, make sure that you will not miss any appointment with your doctor. Regular check-ups will help your doctor monitor your progress with the drug. This is especially helpful for you to manage the side effects that Flutamide may bring.

Side effects are common accompaniment of a drug treatment. Symptoms of physical discomfort are brought about by the fact that your system is not used to having the drug around. Normally, side effects go away as soon as your body becomes well-adjusted to Flutamide. Hot flashes, nipple discharge, decreased libido, and diarrhea are some of the common side effects of the drug. If they persist, become bothersome, or came with other, more severe side effects, you must get in touch with your doctor immediately.

Flutamide treatment is a promising solution to stop the spread of Prostate Cancer. However, it can only be effective if it is administered properly. Never attempt to make any movements with your dosage unless it is directly advised by your doctor. To lessen the discomfort of side effects, drink as much water as you can. Getting a lot of rest and sticking to balanced diet are also helpful.

Flutamide has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of flutamide

• Molecular formula of flutamide is C11H11F3N2O3
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 2-methyl-N-[4-nitro-3 (trifluoromethyl) phenyl] propanamide
• Molecular weight is 276.2 g/mol
Flutamide available : 125mg capsules

Brand name(s): Cebatrol, Eulexin, Niftholide, Niftolide

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