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Frelo is commonly known as atorvastatin. It is an inhibitor drug and is primarily used to prevent buildup of cholesterol in the human body. Frelo is also effective in reducing different components of the body which stimulates cholesterol production such as triglycerides, bad cholesterol, Apo lipoprotein B and total cholesterol.

Frelo can also be administered to increase the production of good cholesterol or HDL that goes through the bloodstream. With this medication, it prevents clogging of the arteries which is a common cause of heart failure, vascular diseases and stroke.

Frelo is a medicine which can be taken orally. It can be taken before or after meal ideally with a glass of water. Recommended dosage should be once a day or depends on the prescription of your doctor.

Normally, your doctor would require you to undergo series of blood tests before prescribing the drug for your medication. The tests will continue until twelve weeks and your doctor will do necessary adjustments on your dosage based on the tests results.

It is also recommended to take the medicine according to doctor’s prescription so as to achieve the best results. You should not in any way alter the dosage which was provided by your doctor because it may lead to over dosage which is very dangerous to your health.

Just like any medicine, doctor’s prescription is advised so as to avoid any complications. Discuss to your medical provider if you have any other health problems such as blood disorder, muscular disease, pregnant or if you are planning to have a baby prior to medication. When using this drug for medication you must avoid intake of grapefruit or juice because it will have a reaction which is unfavorable. Also avoid alcoholic drinks.

While Frelo is an effective drug, you must also maintain a good diet to supplement its effectiveness. You must avoid high cholesterol diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Some medicines may interfere or may react when taken with Felo. Some of these medicines include cyclosporine, niacin, cholestyramine, birth control pills and anti fungal medicines. It would be good to seek advice from a doctor if you are using such medicines.

Intake of Frelo is associated with rare side effects such as liver disorder and muscle problems. Some patients also experience severe muscle pain, unusual weakening of the body, abdominal pain, fever or flu. Adverse effect of the drugs may also cause the skin to turn yellowish in color and darkening of the urine’s color. These are common signs which are caused by a damaged liver brought about by medication of Frelo. If any of these symptoms are seen, it is very important to seek for medical attention immediately.

Other side effects can lead to difficulty in breathing and can also affect normal vision. Swelling of the face, tongue or lips can also be experienced.

Minor side effects can cause rashes, upset stomach and headache. Some other side effects might not be included here so it would be good to have a constant consultation with your doctor while on medication.

Frelo has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of frelo

• Molecular formula of frelo is C33H35FN2O5
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 7-[2-(4-fluorophenyl)-3-phenyl-4-(phenylcarbamoyl)-5- propan-2-yl-pyrrol-1-y l]-3,5-dihydroxy-heptanoic acid
• Molecular weight is 558.64 g/mol
Frelo available : 10mg tablets, 20mg tablets, 40mg tablets, 80mg tablets

Generic name: Atorvastatin

Brand name(s): Atorvastatin calcium, Cardyl, Lipitor, Sortis, Sotis, Torvast, Tozalip, Xavator

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