Glucophage-XR review

Glucophage-XR is manufactured and distributed by renowned pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers. It is prescribed for the management of type 2 diabetes in adults. Glucophage-XR has an antihyperglycemic effect that is used to control blood sugar levels. It works by controlling the amounts of blood sugar produced by the liver and absorbed by the intestine. Glucophage-XR is also helpful in making the body sensitive to the insulin produced naturally by the body.

Glucophage-XR is an extended release form of Metformin hydrochloride, which has been used for decades to improve blood sugar controls along with diet and exercise. It is often prescribed in diabetic patients with certain kidney problems. This medicine has been found to remotely cause lactic acidosis, a medical condition often related to the use of Metformin in diabetic patients with kidney disorders.

Glucophage-XR comes in 500mg and 750mg tablets taken orally by mouth. It is important that you pay attention to your doctor’s instructions well enough to ensure that you are getting the best out of your medicine treatment.

Glucophage-XR is often prescribed to be taken once daily, usually in the evening. As it may cause gastrointestinal discomforts, this medicine must be taken with food. Take your medicine at the same time each day to ensure that you are taking it on regular intervals, that you are not missing a dose, and that you are getting the best benefits out of it.

Glucophage-XR is sometimes used as a maintenance drug for diabetic patients. You must continue taking it even if you are feeling well unless the doctor tells you otherwise. If you unintentionally miss a dose of Glucophage-XR, take it as soon as you remember for as long as it is not too close to your next dose. Otherwise, you must forget about the missed dose altogether and just continue with your regular dosing schedule.

Before taking Glucophage-XR, you must talk to your doctor about several factors that may interfere with the effects of the drug. Discuss your medical history including health conditions that you may have.

Tell your doctor if you have allergies to any drug or to anything at all. Heart conditions, liver disorders, kidney problems, pregnancy, anemia, and infections are also of great concerns. If you have any of those issues, you might need an adjusted dosage or a different drug to treat your problem. Illegal drug and alcohol abuse are also important factors that may affect the results of your Glucophage-XR treatment. You must tell your doctor if you have or have had recurring problems with both illegal drugs and alcohol.

Glucophage-XR is also not intended for use in patients over 80 years old unless they are subjected to a kidney function test and passed. It is also contraindicated to patients who are scheduled for certain lab procedures and surgeries. Glucophage-XR may interact with the medicines given in preparation for those procedures.

Glucophage-XR may cause mild to serious side effects. The mild ones include stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. If your symptoms persist, worsen, or came with the serious signs of side effects (severe allergic reaction, breathing problems, fever and flu-like symptoms, irregular heartbeat, tiredness, etc.), rush to your doctor immediately.

Glucophage-XR may cause dizziness. While under this kind of treatment, make sure that you watch over your alcohol intake that may worsen the dizziness as well as the activities you participate into.

Glucophage xr has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of <a href='/reviews/Glucophage.html'>glucophage</a> xr

• Molecular formula of glucophage xr is C4H11N5
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 1-(diaminomethylidene)-3,3-dimethyl-guanidine
• Molecular weight is 129.164 g/mol
Glucophage xr available : 500mg tablets, 750mg tablets, 850mg tablets, 1000mg tablets

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