Hydroxyzine review

Hydroxyzine is an antihistamine medication. It was developed in the 1950s.

Hydroxyzine is mainly used for the treatment of itching and irritation caused by allergy. It can also alleviate nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness. Hydroxyzine has analgesic properties that can serve as painkiller in itself or as an opioid potentiator. It also has sedative, tranquillizing, and hypnotic properties that can treat anxiety as well as the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

In the United States, Hydroxyzine is a prescription medicine but in some other countries, it is can be bought over-the-counter. Still, it is much safer to undergo a medication treatment that was directed and approved by a qualified physician. If you will ever need the use of Hydroxyzine, consult your doctor first.

Hydroxyzine comes in different forms, different suspensions, and different preparations. It is taken three or four times daily. The proper dosage requirement and schedule for your case shall be determined by your doctor based on his diagnosis. Hydroxyzine is not advisable to be used in children below the age of twelve. It is also contraindicated to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Patients with ulcer, asthma, glaucoma, heart ailment, liver disease, urinating problems, hypertension, seizure, and thyroid irregularities are usually provided an adjusted dosage to ensure their safety with Hydroxyzine. If you are taking any drug, you must tell your doctor about it. Drug interactions may occur between some medications.

While you are taking Hydroxyzine, it is advisable that you stay away from alcohol as much as possible. The drug treatment can make you feel drowsy and alcohol would further that effect. You must also excuse yourself from doing activities that require attention and alertness like driving and operating machines. Drowsiness makes you unfit for those activities.

Aside from drowsiness, Hydroxyzine treatment may cause some conditions like red skin, headache, congested chest, upset stomach, and dry mouth. The occurrence of such conditions, which are side effects of the drug, are but normal. However, they must not persist or become bothersome. Once the body becomes adjusted to Hydroxyzine, your symptoms of side effects must go away completely. If they did not or if they came along with other less common side effects like breathing difficulty, muscle weakness, and increased anxiety, you must call your doctor immediately.

Hydroxyzine must be stored in a secured place that cannot be reached by the young members of the house. It must be kept away from moist and excessive sunlight as well. Read the labels carefully, especially taking note of manufacturing and expiration data.

No one should ever share a Hydroxyzine prescription with another patient even if they have the same symptoms. Instead, the other patient must be referred to a qualified physician. Doctors make prescriptions based on the patient’s current condition. Careful diagnosis is needed to determine whether or not you are safe with Hydroxyzine and whether or not it is really what you need for your ailment. The factors that form the ground of prescription depend on numerous factors that are mostly different from one case to another.

Hydroxyzine has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of hydroxyzine

• Molecular formula of hydroxyzine is C21H27ClN2O2
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 2-[2-[4-[(4-chlorophenyl)-phenyl-methyl]piperazin-1-yl]ethoxy]ethanol
• Molecular weight is 374.904 g/mol
Hydroxyzine available : 50mg/ml solution 1ml vial, 10mg/5ml syrup, 10mg tablets, 25mg tablets, 50mg tablets

Brand name(s): Alamon, Atara, Atarax, Ataraxoid, Atarazoid, Atarox, Atazina, Aterax, Deinait, Durrax, Equipoise, Equipose, Fenarol, Hidroxizina, Hychotine, Hydroksyzyny, Hydroxine, Hydroxizine, Hydroxizinum, Hydroxycine, Hydroxyzin, Hydroxyzinum, Hydroxyzyne, Idrossizina, Masmoran, Neo-Calma, Neurozina, Nevrolaks, Orgatrax, Pamazone, Parenteral, Paxistil, Placidol, Plaxidol, Quiess, Tran-Q, Tranquizine, Traquizine, Vistaril, Vistazine

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