Nasacort review

Nasacort is also known as Nasacort AQ and TriNasal and generically known as triamcinolone nasal. This medicine is a steroid that will prevent the inflammation in the nasal cavity that occurs from seasonal and other allergic reactions. This medication becomes most effective after taking over a period of time, allowing the steroid to build up the body system. Nasacort comes as a nasal spray and stored at room temperature, keeping the tip dust-free at all times.

A thorough medical history should be evaluated prior to prescribing this medication. Any patient that has a fungal, bacterial or viral infection should inform the consulted physician, this medication can prohibit the body’s ability to fight an infection and those with any kind of infection may not be able to take this medication or they may have to have their doses adjusted accordingly. It is advisable to stay away from others that may have chicken pox, measles or any other contagious infections, since the medicine decreases the body’s immune system. Women should alert the prescribing physician if they are pregnant or if there is a chance that pregnancy may occur. The Food and Drug Administration has given triamcinolone the C rating, which may or may not harm an unborn fetus, it is not known whether the medicine is transferred to a baby through breast feeding. The prescribing physician should avoid prescribing this medication to women who are pregnant or nursing. The TriNasal brand has not been approved for children under the age of twelve and the Nasacort brand has not been approved for the use of children under the age of 6.

Always taken this medication as prescribed, if a dose is accidentally skipped and it is not close to the next scheduled dose, take when remembered. If the skipped dose is close to the next scheduled dose, take only the scheduled dose. Do not take more doses than prescribed or overdose may occur. An overdose of this medication rarely occurs; however, symptoms may include but are not limited to vomiting and dizziness. If there is a suspicion of an overdose, stop taking the medicine and seek emergency medical help as soon as possible.

The serious side effects associated with this medication may include shortness of breath, dizziness, inflammation of the throat, swollenness of the lips, face, or tongue and hives. If any of these symptoms occurs stop taking the medication and contact the prescribing physician. Less serious side effects are not likely to require emergency medical attention. The less serious side effects are not limited to, but may include coughing, nausea or upset stomach, unpleasant taste or loss of taste, nasal stuffiness or runny nose, inflammation or irritation of the throat, ear inflammation or irritation, headache or lightheadedness, increased pressure of the eye or watery eyes, perforated septum, yeast infection of the nose and/or throat and nose bleeds. If any of these symptoms or any other unusual symptoms occur, continue use and consult the prescribing physician for further medical advice.

Always fully disclose all medical and prescription drug history to the physician. If taken with other steroids, Nasacort will increase those chances of any side effects occurring. There is always the chance that an adverse drug reaction can occur with over-the-counter medication and herbal supplements, consult the physician before taking any new medications. Any additional information can be obtained from the physician or pharmacist.

Nasacort has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of nasacort

 Molecular formula of nasacort is C21H27FO6
 Chemical IUPAC Name is 9-fluoro-11,16,17-trihydroxy-17-(2-hydroxyacetyl)-10,13- dimethyl-6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17-dodecahydrocyclopenta[a]phenanthren-3-one
 Molecular weight is 394.434 g/mol
 Nasacort available : 55mcg/act aerosol, 15gm cream tubes

Generic name: Triamcinolone

Brand name(s): Adcortyl, Aristocort, Aristogel, Aristospan, Azmacort, Celeste, Cinolone, Delphicort, Fluoxiprednisolone, Flutex, Kenacort, Kenalog, Kenalog-H, Ledercort, Nasacort AQ, Omcilon, Omicilon, Oracort, Oralone, Orion, Polcortolon, Rodinolone, Tiamcinolonum, Tri-Nasal, Triacet, Triacort, Triamcet, Triamcinalone, Triamcinlon, Triamcinolon, Triamcinolona, Triamcinolonum, Triatex, Tricortale, Triderm, Trymex, Vetalog, Volon

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