Nitrofurantoin review

Nitrofurantoin is an antibacterial drug mostly used to tackle E Coli. It treats urinary tract infections by posting an interference to the bacteria’s chemical processes, killing them within a period of regular use. Nitrofurantoin is sold worldwide under the brand names Macrobid, Macrodantin, Furadantin, and Furatin.

Nitrofurantoin can be prescribed to other bacteria-related diseases but only the doctor knows which ones. It must also be clear that Nitrofurantoin cannot cure viral infections such as flu. A different antidote is used for that purpose.

The use of Nitrofurantoin must be directed by a qualified doctor. Before prescription, the doctor would need to establish certain conditions that may counteract the effectiveness of the medication treatment.

First and foremost, the doctor must know if you have tendencies of developing allergic reaction to Nitrofurantoin, to any of its components, or to any kind of drugs. The doctor would usually ask about your medical history as well. If you have had severe kidney disorders, anemia, diabetes, G6PD deficiency, or any debilitating disease. The existence of such conditions may require different formulations. Your doctor would also ask about pregnancy or any plans of conceiving a child. Nitrofurantoin can be harmful to the fetus, especially in the final month before delivery.

Nitrofurantoin comes in capsule and liquid concentrations. It is usually prescribed to be taken orally between two to four times a day for a period of seven days. You must take Nitrofurantoin for the full length of the prescription to ensure that the bacteria are eliminated completely. You may feel better after a few days but that should not stop you from completing the dosage requirement.

Do not use Nitrofurantoin beyond the recommended dosage as well. If you feel that you need to alter your dosage for whatever reasons, ask your doctor first. If your doctor finds out that your infections have not cleared with Nitrofurantoin treatment, he might prolong your dosage or give you another medicine.

Be wary about using Nitrofurantoin along with other medicines. Stick to medicines that your doctor says are safe for use with Nitrofurantoin. Use only antacids directed by your doctor. Drug interactions may cause you unspeakable discomfort so you must take extra care in this regard.

As with any antibiotics, Nitrofurantoin must be used regularly. The death of the bacteria only occurs if a specific amount of the drug’s concentration is sustained over a period of time. Do not take Nitrofurantoin on an empty stomach. If you are using the liquid suspension form, you may mix it with water, juice, or milk to make it easier for you to swallow the drug.

Nitrofurantoin may cause drowsiness. It is recommended that you stop taking alcohol while you are under medication because alcohol may make your symptoms worse. Also, take extra protection against the sunlight. The use of Nitrofurantoin may make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

Nitrofurantoin may also cause other side effects such as loss of appetite, vomiting, shortness of breath, fever, chest pain, and tiredness among others. Seek your doctor’s advice if you feel that your symptoms of side effects are severe.

Nitrofurantoin has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of nitrofurantoin

• Molecular formula of nitrofurantoin is C8H6N4O5
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 1-[(5-nitro-2-furyl)methylideneamino]imidazolidine-2,4-dione
• Molecular weight is 238.157 g/mol
Nitrofurantoin available : 50mg capsules, 100mg capsules

Brand name(s): Alfuran, Benkfuran, Berkfurin, Ceduran, Chemiofuran, Cistofuran, Cyantin, Cystit, Dantafur, Fuamed, Fur-Ren, Furabid, Furachel, Furadantin, Furadantine, Furadantoin, Furadoin, Furadoine, Furadonin, Furadonine, Furadontin, Furalan, Furaloid, Furan, Furanite, Furantoin, Furantoina, Furatoin, Furedan, Furina, Furobactina, Furophen T, Gerofuran, Ituran, Ivadantin, Macpac, Macrobid, Macrodantin, Macrodantina, Macrofuran, Macrofurin, Nierofu, Nifurantin, Nitoin, Nitrex, Nitrofan, Nitrofur-C, Nitrofuradantin, Novofuran, Orafuran, Parfuran, Phenurin, Ro-Antoin, Siraliden, Trantoin, Uerineks, Upiol, Urantoin, Urizept, Uro-Selz, Uro-Tablinen, Urodin, Urofuran, Urofurin, Urolisa, Urolong, Uvaleral, Welfurin, Zoofurin

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