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When we are prone to infections like upper respiratory tract infections and other illnesses brought about by a weakened immune system, our doctor would normally prescribe antibiotics to counter the symptoms of the sickness. In the meantime, our immune system still remains weak, and we will still be vulnerable to diseases.

If we were to take a natural kind of medication that contained ingredients that built up our immune system, we would be able to off fight infections more effectively, making us less likely to get sick. One such natural medicine acts as an antibiotic while strengthening our immunity at the same time.

Himalaya Herbal Remedies manufactures Septilin tablets and Septilin syrup. These medications build up the immune system’s resistance and have anti-inflammatory properties to help the body fight against chronic infections. Septilin is intended as a natural alternative to chemical antibiotics and contains a preventive formulation that stimulates the formation of antibodies, promotes wound healing, and helps relieve pain through its analgesic properties.

Several laboratory studies have been undertaken to look into Septilin’s effects on inflammation and the immune system. Septilin has also been discovered to stimulate natural killer cells which target foreign infections. It was found that Septilin’s plant-derived complex glycoproteins produce a positive response in the different cells of the immune system. People who have taken Septilin on a regular basis found an increase in the body’s defense mechanisms and a strengthened immune system.

Septilin syrup and tablets are intended as a daily health supplement, especially for people who are prone to infection. They are also indicated in the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract infections, allergies of the upper respiratory tract, infections and inflamed conditions of the skin and soft tissue, mouth and eye infections, urinary tract infections and infections of the bones and joints.

Septilin ingredients were blended based on the principles of Ayurvedic Medicine. This ancient Eastern traditional form of healing originated from India. Ayurveda makes use of the healing properties derived from nature, like plants, animals and minerals.

Septilin ingredients include Balsamaodendron mukul from the Indian gum Arabic tree (a traditional inflammatory); Indian madder (a tonic used for rheumatism); Gulancha tinospora (contains hormone stimulating action); Black pepper (an aromatic stimulant); Ginger (a known anti-allergen); Indian long pepper (for respiratory tract infections); Costus (contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties); Indian gooseberry (used in antiviral preparations), and Licorice (an overall body tonic).

The beneficial effects of Septilin can be observed after several weeks of use. Septilin syrup and tablets are considered safe and have no known side effects when taken in the recommended doses.

In tablet form, septilin is recommended to be taken at one to two tablets twice daily, while septilin syrup dosage is placed at two to three teaspoonfuls two times a day after meals. As with any medication, however, it is advisable to consult your doctor for the best dosage based on your individual condition.

Septilin tablets and Septilin syrup (200ml) are available online at the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare website, as well as other online herbal stores.

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