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Stroke is a traitor. Its symptoms do not appear before the particular time of the attack. The onset of stroke is life threatening and debilitating. Basically, stroke pertains to a circumstance where the brain rapidly loses function due to the disturbances in blood supply. The disturbance in blood supply may be due to hemorrhage, which can be caused by a lot of things.

If stroke is alarming as it was described as a medical emergency, the possible side effects of medicines that can cure it are tormenting. Ticlid is one drug that is used to stroke patients who suffered from thrombosis or the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels, which causes the disturbance of blood supply in the brain. As much as Ticlid is prescribed by many medical experts to lessen the agony of stroke patients, caution in using it is also applied.

Ticlid can cause adverse reactions, which can be life threatening in itself. Some of the conditions that patients who undergo Ticlid therapy may acquire are Neutropenia, Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura or TTP, Aplastic Anemia, and a variety of severe gastrointestinal complains. But even when Ticlid comes along with those dangers, it is still widely used.

Ticlid works similarly with Aspirin to stroke patients, only better. It is a platelet aggregation inhibitor that has been found to reduce the danger of those who have had mild strokes before to suffer from fatal strokes in the future. It is usually taken as a long-term therapy drug. At the first few days and weeks of putting a patient under Ticlid therapy, monitoring is strict for any signs of harsh side effects. Aside from the above-mentioned events that could happen along with the use of Ticlid, diarrhea, vomiting, skin rash, and headache may set in. Any thing of those side effects going severe must be reported immediately to a doctor.

With all the dangers that come with it, Ticlid must be taken with extra precautions. It must not be used along with other drugs that may react to it. As such, your doctor must have full knowledge of each and every drug that you are currently taking, including herbal supplements and the like. Aside from that, Ticlid must also be carefully administered to patients who have a history of increased bleeding from trauma or any pathological conditions.

As with almost every kind of drug, the use of Ticlid in pregnant and nursing women must be looked through. The possible harsh effects of the drug on the fetus and nursing babies were not established. Experts advised that Ticlid must be used under such circumstances only when it is really needed.

Ticlid may cause several gastrointestinal problems. To lessen such case, it must be taken with a meal at any given time. Taking the drug on an empty stomach may cause more discomfort.

A lot of studies and researches show that Ticlid can reduce the recurrent of stroke amazingly. However, subjecting a patient into this kind of therapy must be taken under close monitoring to ensure that the adverse effects would not overpower the drug’s benefits.

Ticlid has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of ticlid

• Molecular formula of ticlid is C14H14ClNS
• Chemical IUPAC Name is 3-[(2-chlorophenyl)methyl]-7-thia-3-azabicyclo[4.3.0]nona-8,10-diene
• Molecular weight is 263.786 g/mol
Ticlid available : 250mg tablet

Generic name: Ticlopidine

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