Uroxatral review

Uroxatral is a medication categorized under the group of alpha-adrenergic blockers. It is primarily used in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. Uroxatral helps in relaxing the muscles of the urinary system making it easy for the patient to urinate.

Uroxatral is also distributed under the generic name Alfuzosin. In 2003, the FDA approved this medication for patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Uroxatral is in a form of tablet that can be taken orally. For the standard dosage, a 10mg tablet must be taken daily after meals. It is best to take the medicine at the same time daily so as to maintain the schedule and avoid the tendency of missing a dose. Avoid crushing or chewing the medicine. Take the medicine with a glass of water to make it easier to swallow in whole.

If you have missed a dose, forget about it and just take the next dose. Do not attempt to take two dosages at a time to make up for the missed dose because you will get overdosed which might harm your health.

In the event of overdose, seek immediate medical attention.

Most medications have side effects when used and in the case of Uroxatral it also has known side effects. The side effects are categorized into two, less serious side effects and serious side effects.

Less serious side effects include headache, dizziness, diarrhea, sore throat, runny nose, cough and fatigue. More serious side effects may occur such as chest pain, painful penis erection for male, loss of appetite, swelling of the face, dark colored stools, yellowish skin and eyes, nausea and dark colored urine.

There may be other side effects that are not included here. If any of these side effects occur or there are unwanted results, it is highly recommended that you seek immediate medical attention to avoid any complications.

Before using Uroxatral, it is best to discuss your medical condition with a doctor. Tell your doctor if you have other medical problems like liver disease, kidney problem, prostate cancer, long QT syndrome, chest pain, low blood pressure, allergies and artery problems. You must also inform the doctor if you are taking medications for treatment of AIDS or HIV.

Other alpha-blocker medications may interfere or may react with Uroxatral so it is best to inform your doctor if you are taking other similar medicine.

If you are going to undergo cataract surgery, you must inform your doctor because this medication can affect the pupil of the eye during the surgery.

For the safety of the baby and the mother, pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking Uroxatral. Breast-feeding mothers should also consult a doctor prior to taking this medication.

Uroxatral may hamper the normal alertness of the brain and body so it is recommended that you avoid activities that require mental and physical alertness. This includes driving, swimming, operating machines, biking and other extreme activities.

Some medicines may react with Uroxatral. You must inform your doctor of any medication you are taking prior to using Uroxatral.

Uroxatral has the following structural formula:

Chemical structure of uroxatral

• Molecular formula of uroxatral is C19H27N5O4
• Chemical IUPAC Name is N-[3-[(4-amino-6,7-dimethoxy-quinazolin-2-yl)-methyl-amino]propyl]tetrahydrofuran-2-carboxamide
• Molecular weight is 389.449 g/mol
Uroxatral available : 10mg tablets

Generic name: Alfuzosin

Brand name(s): Xatral

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