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Millions of women suffer from a condition called vaginitis. When a woman has vaginitis, her vagina gets inflamed or irritated. This is usually due to bacterial infection. Factors like sexual intercourse, antibiotic medication, and contraceptives can contribute to the development of the situation.

If not immediately treated, vaginitis will cause extreme discomfort and itching.

Because the genitals are sensitive and delicate areas, many women are afraid to administer medicine on their own. At the same time, the topic of vaginal infections may not be comfortable for women to discuss.

V-gel is a cream that many women can easily purchase and self-administer. It also has a poly-herbal formulation which is all-natural and will not cause further irritations and complications.

V-Gel is a formulation that boasts of various herbs that can help relieve symptoms of itchiness and inflammation. At the same time, this cream has herbs that are geared towards preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi in the vaginal area.

V-Gel has herbs like Elettaria cardomomum which help with inflammation. It also has Vitex negundo which is effective in managing bacterial infection and excessive vaginal discharge. Another vital ingredient is Nelumbium speciosum, a substance that acts against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. These are only a few of the potent herbs present in V-Gel.

A product of The Himalaya Drug Corporation, V-Gel can also address other forms of vaginitis which are triggered by yeast infection or by protozoan. Also, V-Gel has been found effective for another condition called cervicitis, a term used to refer to inflammation of the cervix. Once you start feeling irritation in your vaginal area, consult your doctor and ask about how V-Gel can help improve you overall vaginal health.

When the doctor has analyzed your situation, you may begin using V-Gel. The doctor may prescribe a specific dosage according to the specific situation. However, patients are usually asked to apply the cream twice a day for one to two weeks. One to two grams of the cream must be applied to the vagina. To make sure the cream goes deep enough, use the accompanying calibrated applicator. Once you start using V-Gel, its potent formula will work to soothe the inflamed vagina while relieving the irritation and itchiness. If you follow your doctor’s prescriptions properly, V-Gel will surely help you get to a fast recovery process.

A recent study on the efficacy of V-Gel was published in the Indian Journal of Clinical Practice. The study involved thirty-eight women who all have experienced signs and symptoms indicative of vaginitis and cervicitis. According to the study, after two weeks of V-Gel use, 94.7% of these patients experienced relief of the symptoms. The vaginal inflammation subsided. Also, the patients experienced a decrease in unpleasant vaginal discharge. The study also notes that none of the patients experienced side effects from using V-Gel. In using V-Gel, you can have the herbs that have have been used and found effective by the people of India. At the same time, you can have modern research that proves that these herbs work very well.

So if you want to be one of the patients who are now enjoying their lives without the discomforts from vaginitis, ask your doctor about V-Gel today.

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