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Large intestine (anatomy)

LARGE INTESTINE ANATOMY The large intestine has three main responsibilities. It accepts the food remains that were not digested in the small intestine. It receives excess water and electrolytes from the chime. It also passes solid waste material out of the gastrointestinal tract. The large intestine is more than twice the more...

Paranasal sinuses (anatomy)

PARANASAL SINUSES ANATOMY Air cavities, which in the nasal cavity are paired, between certain bones in the skull are known as paranasal sinuses. The bones which surround these sinuses and create the cavity are also responsible for the naming of the particular sinus. PARANASAL SINUSES STRUCTURE For instance, the maxillary sinuses are more...

Semicircular canals (anatomy)

SEMICIRCULAR CANALS ANATOMY Three bony canals, which are shaped in a semi circle, can be found posterior to the vestibule. These canals are angled at almost right angles to their neighboring canal. Within these semicircular canals there additional, smaller canals which create the membranous labyrinth. Each of the three main ducts more...