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Circulatory system (anatomy)

CIRCULATORY SYSTEM ANATOMY The complex nature of the human body demands an efficient circulatory system in order to sustain life. The trillions of cells which comprise the human body demand this efficiency in order to maintain the functions of the multitudes of systems within the human body, which represents an ingenious more...

Fetal Circulation (anatomy)

FETAL CIRCULATION ANATOMY All of the respiratory, excretory, and nutritional requirements of the fetus are supplied for by dissemination across the placenta as an alternative to the fetus’ organs including the lungs, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract. Fetal circulatory systems are adaptive to these circumstances. The circulation of blood through a fetus more...

Routes of Circulation (anatomy)

ROUTES OF CIRCULATION ANATOMY Circulatory blood flow is segregated into two basic divisions. There is the pulmonary circulation which is in fact complimented by the systemic circulations. Pulmonary circulation consists of those blood vessels which are responsible for the transportation of blood through the lungs for the chance to be oxygenated more...

Semicircular canals (anatomy)

SEMICIRCULAR CANALS ANATOMY Three bony canals, which are shaped in a semi circle, can be found posterior to the vestibule. These canals are angled at almost right angles to their neighboring canal. Within these semicircular canals there additional, smaller canals which create the membranous labyrinth. Each of the three main ducts more...