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Gustatory sense (anatomy)

GUSTATORY SENSE ANATOMY The gustatory receptors, which refers to the receptors which initiate the sense of taste, is found within the taste buds. They are highly specialized epithelial cells. They cluster together in the taste buds and are quite responsive to chemical stimuli, thus categorizing them as chemoreceptors. The glossopharyngeal nerve more...

Olfactory sense (anatomy)

OLFACTORY SENSE ANATOMY The olfactory portion of the cerebral cortex receives the necessary information to determine and discern smell via olfactory receptors. These are the dendritic ends that belong to the olfactory nerve and respond to chemical stimuli. This information is then sent directly to the brain for interpretation. Nature has more...

Proprioceptors (anatomy)

PROPRIOCEPTORS ANATOMY Proprioceptors are constantly determining the body’s position and the way it is moving through space. Changes in tension, sensations of stretch, and muscles responses provide information to the brain that determines whether the body is walking, sitting, standing, running, or dancing. Action potentials reach the cerebellum and transmit into more...

Thermoceptors (anatomy)

THERMOCEPTORS ANATOMY Thermoceptors, the principle receptors for temperature, and nociceptors, which interpret the sensation of pain, are classified as free nerve endings. The skin and the internal tissues hold several million of these free nerve endings which discern pain and temperature. Those free nerve endings which are prone to pick up more...