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Alzheimers Disease Gene Link to African Americans Identified (article)

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine researchers joined forces with an international research team in order to detect a new gene that associates African Americans and Alzheimer's disease together. In an article found in the Journal of the American Medical Association publication, the study entitled "Variants in the ATP-binding more...

Fame and Great Performance May Shorten Lives (article)

By analyzing the New York Times (NYT) obituaries, enough evidence is gathered to imply that achieving performance success in sports or the arts might shorten one's life. The Aussie researchers conducting the study analyzed a thousand obituaries and published their findings on the Internet via OJM: An International Journal more...

Foodborne Infection Rates for Vibrio and Campylobacter Rising (article)

When analyzing the foodborne infections from 2012 and comparing them from the period of 2006 to 2008, researchers found out and published in a report that Vibrio and Campylobacter bacteria prevalence rates have risen significantly. The instances of these germ-based infections have become more ubiquitous as time passed by. Furthermore, more...