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Foodborne Infection Rates for Vibrio and Campylobacter Rising (article)

When analyzing the foodborne infections from 2012 and comparing them from the period of 2006 to 2008, researchers found out and published in a report that Vibrio and Campylobacter bacteria prevalence rates have risen significantly. The instances of these germ-based infections have become more ubiquitous as time passed by. Furthermore, more...

Protecting your Family Against Flu (article)

As a testament to last year’s occurrence of H1N1 flu pandemic, it is quite important to have enough protection against flu. Any strain of influenza or the flu virus must be kept in check as it is considered contagious and serious by the Centers for Disease Control or CDC. Flu cannot more...

Stroke Victims Can Walk with the Help of Ampyra (article)

The Acorda Therapeutics drug known as Ampyra (Generic name: Dalfampridine) is a pharmaceutical product that assists people suffering with multiple sclerosis to walk. However, it's been recently discovered that Ampyra also has a secondary ability to make stroke patients walk again as well, or at least assist them towards more...