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Depression Has Been Linked to Botox Injections (article)

It's ironic, since most people take Botox injections for the sake of improving their appearance (especially when they smile), but Botox (which is actually derived from a poisonous substance known as Botulinum toxin) can cause depression in several people, a new study discloses. The treatment is usually used to reduce more...

FDA Denies Effectiveness of Weight-Loss Drug Against Diabetes (article)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is in the process of looking through three weight loss drugs on their agenda. Two of those have been rejected while the other is yet to be decided on. One of the weight-loss drugs that got a thumbs down rating is Arena Pharmaceuticals’ Lorcaserin, a more...

Quitting Smoking With Magnetic Stimulation (article)

If you're having problems kicking your smoking habit, then perhaps you should put aside tactics such as nicotine patches and quitting cold turkey in favor of magnetic brain stimulation. Smokers are finding more and more techniques to help them give up their bad habit, such as the use of e-cigarettes more...