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Ear infections (diseases)

In early childhood, ear infections are the most common illness to strike under the age of two. Three out of four children have been afflicted with an ear infection before the age of three. Otitis media, which is the medical term for a middle ear infection, is the most common more...

Otitis Externa (diseases)

Otitis Externa is also referred to as Swimmer’s ear and is a fairly common ear infection amongst children, adolescents, and young adults. The inflammation, swelling, and infection of Otitis Externa presents in the outer ear and ear canal. Otitis Externa can be acute, meaning that it happens every now and more...

Otitis media (diseases)

Otitis media is the clinical term for a middle ear infection, and they are quite common, especially in children. Typically by the age of 3 years old, a child has experienced at least one ear infection. Otitis media is less common in adults, although a middle ear infection can strike more...

Tonsillitis (diseases)

Tonsillitis is swelling of inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsils are lymph nodes located in the back of the throat and the back of the mouth. Their function is to filter out bacteria and microorganisms to help protect the body from infection. However, there are times when the tonsils become overwhelmed more...