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Delirium tremens (diseases)

Delirium tremens is a short-term episode of delirium and severe form of alcohol withdrawal involving sudden mental and neurological changes in the affected individual. The condition is also known as DT’s, the shakes, rum fits and jitterbugs. DELIRIUM TREMENS DEFINITION Delirium tremens symptoms occur due to the toxic effects of alcohol more...

Diphtheria (diseases)

Several decades ago, a highly infectious disease that affected the nose and throat was one of the highest cause of death in children. Because of immunization drives against the disease in the 1930’s, it has been all but totally wiped out today. DIPHTHERIA CAUSES This infectious disease is called diphtheria, which is more...

Enterocolitis (diseases)

When a person's colon and small intestines become inflamed, this may very well be the start of Enterocolitis. Enterocolitis, also known as coloenteritis, occurs when the small intestine is afflicted with enteritis, and the large intestine, particularly the colon, is beset with colitis, both of which are inflammatory conditions. There more...

Sepsis (diseases)

Sepsis is an overwhelming infection that can attack any part of the body but especially can be found from infections which begin in the kidneys, gall bladder, liver, skin, bowel, and lungs. Sepsis is often referred to as SIRS, or Septic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Sepsis attacks through the blood stream more...