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Bronchospasm (diseases)

Also known as a Bronchial Spasm, a Bronchospasm happens when a person experiences a sudden abnormal constriction in the smooth muscles of the bronchi walls, resulting in the narrowing of the airways and obstruction of breathing. The bronchi are the airways that lead into the lungs, and when a person more...

Gastroparesis (diseases)

Gastroparesis is a gastrointestinal condition that is characterized by a malfunction of the muscles in the stomach. This illness results in a partial paralysis of the stomach, causing it to retain food for much longer periods than the time it ordinarily takes to digest. GASTROPARESIS SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS The stomach is shaped more...

Menstrual cramps (diseases)

Being a woman is not always easy. From the age of puberty until she reaches menopause, a woman has to deal with her monthly menstrual flow and the cramps that usually go with it. Menstrual cramps affect over 50% of menstruating women. Of these number, around 15% experience severe cramping. The more...