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Enterocolitis (diseases)

When a person's colon and small intestines become inflamed, this may very well be the start of Enterocolitis. Enterocolitis, also known as coloenteritis, occurs when the small intestine is afflicted with enteritis, and the large intestine, particularly the colon, is beset with colitis, both of which are inflammatory conditions. There more...

Parkinsonism (diseases)

Parkinsonism is a condition relating to a series of symptoms that mimic the movement disorders in Parkinson's disease. This includes impaired speech, stiffness of the muscles, slow movement, and visible tremors. These symptoms are caused by a dwindling supply of neurons or nerve cells that contain the substance dopamine. While more...

Sprains (diseases)

When a ligament connecting two bones together is stretched to the breaking point or torn, a sprain occurs. Ligaments are thick and sturdy tissue made of fibrous material, and they bridge the gap between the bones in the body, effectively holding them together at the joint. Ligaments are in place more...