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Hyperactivity (diseases)

Defining hyperactivity is difficult at best, as there are so many interpretations of the term, depending on the different behaviors of people. The root word “hyper” means “above”, and the closest, and most accurate definition of hyperactivity refers to any activity performed by a person that is considered above the more...

Neurological disorders (diseases)

A neurological disorder is a disorder that involves the nervous system, by definition. A neurological disorder can be caused by either a disease, such as multiple sclerosis, or a trauma or injury to the nervous system. Neurological disorders can be remarkably difficult to treat and are often debilitating. NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS more...

Social phobia (diseases)

Social Anxiety Disorder, also called Social Phobia, is a kind of anxiety disorder. It is a psychiatric condition which refers to severe social anxiety, or anxious patterns of behavior in the face of social situations. Social Phobia may either be specific, as when only a particular set of situations is more...