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ANA Test (tests)

ANA TEST DEFINITION The ANA test (also known as an Antinuclear Antibody Test) mainly works by detecting antibodies in your blood in order to screen you for autoimmune disorders like lupus. Your body typically synthesizes antibodies in order to fight infection, while antinuclear antibodies attack your own tissues, particularly every cell's more...

Bone Marrow Biopsy (tests)

BONE MARROW BIOPSY DEFINITION A bone marrow biopsy is a test that entails taking a small sample of marrow to be extracted from your bone. There are also times when a bone marrow aspiration (extracting the liquid portion of the marrow) is needed to be performed along with the bone marrow more...

HIV Test (tests)

HIV TEST DEFINITION This is a test to determine whether a person is infected with the HIV virus. Note that people who are infected with the virus may still be several years away from developing the acutely degraded immune systems associated with AIDS, and having HIV does not mean that more...

RH Factor Blood Test (tests)

RH FACTOR BLOOD TEST DEFINITION An RH factor blood test is a type of blood test required for pregnant women as early as their first trimester. It is to confirm whether a pregnant woman is RH positive or negative. Rhesus or RH factor is a specific protein that can be found more...