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STD Testing (tests)

STD TESTING DEFINITION STD testing is an umbrella term for different testing techniques that will help diagnose sexually transmitted diseases. STD TESTING PURPOSE An STD testing is done in many different ways. This is suggested if your doctor suspects a specific condition. Prior to testing, your risk factors for a particular STD will more...

Stool DNA Test (tests)

STOOL DNA TEST DEFINITION A stool DNA test is another method to screen for colon cancer. It was developed to discern recognizable DNA changes (DNA markers) in cells that are constantly shed from the colon's lining through feces. These markers are linked with the surfaces of precancerous polyp and cancerous tumor more...

Stress Test (tests)

STRESS TEST DEFINITION A stress test, also known as an exercise stress test, is something that's done in order to see how well your heart works whenever you're undergoing physical activity. Because exercise causes your heart to pump harder than any other activity, the exercise test is a perfect way to more...