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Glucose Tolerance Test (tests)

GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST DEFINITION This test checks your body’s ability to process sugar. A person is given a certain amount of glucose, and then his/her blood sugar level is tested after a certain amount of time. GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST PURPOSE This is to check for a range of ailments in a person’s more...

Hemodialysis (tests)

HEMODIALYSIS DEFINITION This procedure is not a medical test, so much as a process designed to substitute for kidney function in patients who have renal failure by cleaning the patient’s blood. HEMODIALYSIS PURPOSE Kidneys are designed to detoxify our bodies through complex diffusion processes. However, these organs can fail. Hemodialysis provides artificial more...

RVAD (tests)

RVAD DEFINITION An RVAD or right ventricle assist device is a mechanical device used to support patients whose right ventricle does not work as well due to heart disease or a recent heart surgery. Decreased heart function and blood flow are common in patients who have weakened hearts. The use of more...