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Breast MRI (tests)

BREAST MRI DEFINITION A breast MRI scan (also known as a breast magnetic resonance screening scan) is a test used to detect if a patient has breast cancer or not. The MRI takes multiple pictures of your breasts and combines them into generate a more detailed picture that will tell whether more...

Coronary Calcium Scan (tests)

CORONARY CALCIUM SCAN DEFINITION Coronary calcium scans, also known as heart scans, is a noninvasive test that produces images of your heart's arteries (the coronary arteries) in order for doctors to look for calcium deposits inside of them. These deposits can narrow these passages and increase your risk for heart attack. CORONARY more...

Electroconvulsive Therapy (tests)

ECT DEFINITION Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a therapeutic procedure wherein electrical currents are passed through the brain in order to intentionally trigger a brief seizure. ECT seems to induce brain chemistry changes that can immediately reverse the symptoms of certain mental conditions. It's often used as a last resort when other more...

Mastectomy (tests)

MASTECTOMY DEFINITION A mastectomy is a surgical procedure where one or both breasts are removed either to prevent or to treat breast cancer. For those who have early stage breast cancer, mastectomy is but one option. MASTECTOMY PURPOSE Mastectomy is often performed to remove all breast tissues after they are found to have more...