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EGD (tests)

EGD DEFINITION Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD or endoscopy) is a procedure that visually analyzes your upper digestive system by inserting a tube with a tiny camera on the end of it (endoscope) into your body. Your gastroenterologist uses EGD to treat or diagnose conditions that affect the duodenum, stomach, and esophagus. EGD PURPOSE EGD more...

Haemoglobin Test (tests)

HAEMOGLOBIN TEST DEFINITION This is done to test the haemoglobin content of blood, which is a compound contained in red blood cells that is critical for carrying oxygen. HAEMOGLOBIN TEST PURPOSE This is done to test red blood cell content in whole blood, and is often combined with hematocrit tests for greater overall more...

Hematocrit Test (tests)

HEMATOCRIT TEST DEFINITION This test checks for the proportion of a person’s blood that is comprised of red blood cells. HEMATOCRIT TEST PURPOSE This test is often done as part of complete “blood work.” It can reveal abnormalities in a person’s red blood cell count, but other tests and evaluations are often more...