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CT Scan (tests)

CT SCAN DEFINITION A CT scan (also known as computerized tomography scan) is a series of x-ray views taken from multiple angles that are processed digitally to create cross-sectional images of your soft tissues and bones inside your body. The images are like single slices from a loaf of bread that more...

Intravenous Pyelogram (tests)

INTRAVENOUS PYELOGRAM DEFINITION X-ray is a non-invasive medical test procedure, which involves exposing one’s body part to a dose of ionizing radiation to conjure up images of that inside part of the body. An intravenous pyelogram is a type of x-ray examination done on the urinary bladder, ureters, and the kidneys. INTRAVENOUS more...

Mammogram (tests)

MAMMOGRAM DEFINITION A mammogram is a special x-ray examination performed on the breasts to help find tumors that are too small to be felt. It is a radiographic method that uses a special x-ray equipment to detect breast cancer in its early stages. MAMMOGRAM PURPOSE A mammogram is often required if there are more...

Stool DNA Test (tests)

STOOL DNA TEST DEFINITION A stool DNA test is another method to screen for colon cancer. It was developed to discern recognizable DNA changes (DNA markers) in cells that are constantly shed from the colon's lining through feces. These markers are linked with the surfaces of precancerous polyp and cancerous tumor more...