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Angioedema (diseases)

Angioedema is a skin problem. It is basically the swelling of the skin similar, but not equivalent, to hives. The main difference between Angioedema and hives is that, the former occurs beneath the skin while the latter occurs on the surface of the skin. Angioedema may occur with or without hives, more...



Aralen is a brand name for the medication chloroquine phosphate, and is given as a preventative and a treatment for most forms of malaria, an infection of the red blood cells spread by mosquito bites. It is also given for amebiasis, an infection by certa more...

Bronchospasm (diseases)

Also known as a Bronchial Spasm, a Bronchospasm happens when a person experiences a sudden abnormal constriction in the smooth muscles of the bronchi walls, resulting in the narrowing of the airways and obstruction of breathing. The bronchi are the airways that lead into the lungs, and when a person more...

Filariasis (diseases)

Imagine having your legs and genital organs puff up to roughly the size of elephant limbs. Now imagine having to attend to your daily activities while attempting to move your huge and swollen body parts. This is a type of disease that actually does happen to people. Filariasis, also known more...

Head lice (diseases)

Head lice is a medical condition found in humans which involves a hair and scalp infestation attributed to Pediculus humanus capitis, a parasitic insect known as the head louse. While it is mostly the hair on the head and the scalp that is infested, head lice may also infest parts more...