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Abortion (diseases)

Abortion can be performed on a pregnant woman to save her life, to terminate the pregnancy of a fetus that would be born with serious congenial birth defects, to selectively eliminate the number of fetuses a woman is carrying, to preserve a woman’s mental health, and it can happen spontaneously. more...

Aids (diseases)

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a chronic and life threatening disease. HIV is a virus that destroys the patient’s immune system and leads to the development of AIDS. AIDS, in its simplest explanation is the body’s inability to fight off infection, viruses, bacteria, or other illnesses. The disease has only been in more...

Allergies (diseases)

Allergies are a very common medical issue. Allergies can range anywhere from relatively mild to severe enough to require emergency medical attention. Allergies, such as air born allergies, are typically the body’s reaction to an irritant such as dust, molds, pet dander, or pollen. Food allergies can often cause serious more...



Antiadipositum is a short-term weight loss medication that also goes by the names Norpseudoephedrine, Fauspond, Exponcit N, Vita-Schlanktropfen Schuck, Mirapront-N. It is in a class of drugs called anorexics, which means that it suppresses the appetite. more...

Aortic stenosis (diseases)

There are some people who experience heart conditions despite living a perfectly healthy lifestyle. So, if you know you are eating right and you are keeping yourself active and yet you still experience occasional dizziness, chest pain or if you suffer from fainting spells, then maybe you have aortic stenosis. more...