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Angina pectoris (diseases)

Angina pectoris is severe pain, sometimes described as crushing, which is manifested as a pressure or suffocating feeling just behind the breastbone. This pressure is caused by a lack of oxygen to the heart and is the result of coronary heart disease. Over time, one or more of more...

Gastric ulcer (diseases)

A gastric ulcer is one kind of peptic ulcer which appears in the lining of the stomach; the other kinds of peptic ulcers can occur in the small intestine or in the esophagus. They occur everywhere around the world, and in the United States one in five people younger more...

Ischemic heart disease (diseases)

Ischemic Heart Disease, also known as Coronary Artery Disease, is a condition that involves the accumulation of fatty deposits within the cells that line the walls of the arteries. There are two main coronary arteries that lead to the heart and provide its main source of blood. When these arteries more...

Keloids (diseases)

Keloids have been a problem for people for at least the last four thousand years. They were first described by Egyptian physicians around 1700 BC, and have appeared throughout history in medical documents and journals since then. Some cultures, such as the Olmec in Mexico and the Nubia-Kush more...



Micronase is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes that happens when the body does not have produce enough insulin, or the body fails to make use of it properly. Micronase may be used alone and or with another drug called metformin in case diet and o more...